National Pastime Baseball League Constitution


I. The National Pastime Baseball League

A. The NPBL brings together Out of the Park Baseball owners to compete for its Championship.

B. Ownership of Out of the Park Baseball is recommended, but not required.  

C. The NPBL will use Out of the Park 17.


II. Commissioner

A. The Commissioner’s duties include:

1. Setting the league schedule;

2. Running the in-OotP game league;

3. Following owners’ management instructions;

4. Updating the league website;

5. Running drafts;

6. Resolving all disputes and questions;

7. Encouraging league participation;

8. Improving the league;

9. Filling ownership vacancies.

B. The Commissioner may change any rule.

C. The Commissioner has final say in all matters.


III. Owners

A. Owners must be active, by:

1. Submiting team exports;

2. Communicating with the Commissioner;

3. Posting in the league forum;

4. Participating in the amateur draft;

5. Responding to trade offers.

B. Owners must play fair and try to win.

C. Owners must follow all rules.


IV. League settings

A. No financials.

B. No designated hitter.

C. Fictional players.

D. Franchises

1.     Represent states, not cities.

2.     Minor league teams:

a.     From within major-league home state

b.    From within neighboring state with no home team.

c.      Rookie league franchises will be located within the states of Mississippi and Alabama.

E. Leagues and divisions are based on geographical proximity.

F. Playoffs (applies to 2048 playoffs and beyond)

          1.  The four division champions plus four wild card teams from each league make the postseason.  The division champions skip the Wildcard Series and advance directly to the Semifinal series.

2.  The League Wildcard Series is a best-of-seven series, with the teams with the better record hosting games 1, 2, 6 & 7.  There are travel days between games 2 & 3 and 5 & 6.  Wildcard #1 will host Wildcard #4, and Wildcard #2 will host Wildcard #3 in each league.

3.  The League Semifinal Series is also a best-of-seven series with the same scheduling format as the Wildcard series.  Teams will be re-seeded at this point, so that the highest seeded division champ will face the lowest seeded Wildcard winner in each league.

4.  The League Champions Series is exactly like the Semifinal Series.

          5.  The National Cup Series is exactly like the Semifinal and League Championship series.   


V. Free Agents

A. Free Agents may be claimed on a first come, first serve basis.  Claims are made in the designated forum, and not in-game. 

B. Owners may acquire only one free agent every calender day. For instance, you can claim a player at 11:59 PM Monday and then a second player 12:01 AM Tuesday.  

C. Undrafted Free Agents

          1. May be claimed beginning at midnight eastern following each draft

          2. You must release a player to claim an undrafted free agent (unless said player has been claimed previously)


VI. Trades

A. The commissioner may cancel a deal if it harms team or league integrity.

B. All trades must be posted on the league message board.

C. Both parties must agree to the deal before it is actioned.

D. Only draft picks from the next draft may be traded.

E. Non-playoff teams may trade during the postseason, at their own risk.


VII. Amateur draft

A. Before each season there will be an Amateur Draft.

B. The draft will consist of ten rounds.  The undrafted players will enter the free agent pool following the draft (see section V.C. for more on Undrafted Free Agents)

C. Draft Order

1. The non-playoff teams will draft in inverse order of winning percentage.  Ties will be broken based on head-to-head record (better record drafts first), followed by Pythagorean record (worst record drafts first), then coin flip.

2. The playoff teams that do not reach the National Cup Series will draft in inverse order of winning percentage.  Tiebreakers remain the same.

3. The National Cup Series loser picks 23rd.

4. The National Cup Series champion picks 24th.

B. The league will hold the Amateur Draft live in its chat room.  From the time the draft pool is released until the start of the Live Draft, picks can be made through the Draft Utility or on in the forums.